Many brand owners are asking: Do I still need an APP if I already own an official webstore? Will my customers download it?

91APP has served Taiwan and overseas brand.com for 7 years, handling clients’ total sales collection exceeding USD 525 million annually. How did our clients’ sales grow rapidly every year? Our data shows the brand official “WEB x APP” can best drive new customers and retain regular customers. This winning combination increases regular customers’ recurring orders and lifetime value.

In particular, traffic-generating and advertising costs have become more expensive in recent years, and many brands are very distressed. The brand official “WEB x APP” business model has helped many brands enjoy double-digit performance growth every year.

How much sales performance can be gained from a branded e-commerce APP? The data speaks for itself. The following quote is an excerpt from 91APP Chairman Steven Ho’s industry insights:

Which is more important, APP or WEB, when it comes to operating brand e-commerce? Different people have different opinions on this issue. Because many brands do not have both APP x WEB integrated e-commerce solution, they don’t gain such data, and therefore the truth cannot be seen without data.

After 7 years of hard work, 91APP is currently handling clients’ sales collection exceeding NTD 15 billion annually. Through our extensive experience cooperating with multiple brands, our consultant team has presented the following research for your reference.

Brand official WEB vs. APP, which one performs better?

The chart above shows the breakdown of e-commerce transaction value on each digital device (desktop, mobile and APP) in the last 8 quarters (2 years). It is clear that the performance of APP has reached 56%, exceeding half of all transactions. This trend is still growing upwards, with no signs of changing direction. This fully represents the current shopping habits of Taiwanese consumers.

Moreover, these are not numbers from marketplace platforms, but sales figures generated from “brand-owned e-commerce”. How did we achieve this result? The main reason is that APP has the advantages of retaining both regular customers and online traffic, contributing to the high repeat customers rate and increased transaction value. As a brand’s e-commerce business matures, the proportion of APP will naturally increase. Therefore, APP x WEB is the perfect e-commerce tool to drive new customer (WEB) and to retain regular customer (APP).

Branded e-commerce APP

– high retention of Platinum customers

– elevate your omnichannel performance

Besides the benefit of retaining traffic and regular customers, APP is also the best connector for retail and e-commerce, merging offline with online. As far as brands are concerned, when there is an APP, the virtual and physical spaces can mutually drive traffic and benefit each other, and eventually improving their operational efficiency.

On the other hand, if APP exists alone without an official webstore, it is difficult to operate, and the outcome value won’t be high. But if APP can be linked to WEB and offline retail, APP will be able to kick-off the omnichannel, creating a high and irreplaceable value.

APP accounts > 50% online revenue, with high growth potential

If a brand has only an official webstore, wouldn’t it miss the other half of its sale? Without an APP, relying solely on the WEB to link up the retail stores won’t be a good experience for both consumers and store personnel.

Our advice to brand owners is not to give up on APP sales channel, because 56% of online sale is there. How to perfectly integrate APP x WEB, unify the back-end, correlate the data, synchronize the coupon activity and members point etc, these are all basic requirements. Besides, APP also works as a brand membership card for online and offline. A seamless omnichannel is what consumers want, and it will become a basic threshold for brand management in the future.

91APP designs APP as a cloud service and provides it to brand owners to subscribe and utilise the new tools with flexibility. With the lowest entry cost, this allows brands to quickly penetrate the new channel and grasp new business opportunities.

Jump-start your brand e-commerce transformation

If you are a brand owner who is new to e-commerce, you can start with marketplace platforms. If you want an in-depth management of your brand and memberships, 91APP is a very suitable solution. Don’t build your brand official webstore from scratch, because 91APP has invested billions to develop cloud e-commerce solution, CRM and marketing solution, as well as online merge offline (OMO) solution. These are all ready for the brand and are now fully open for subscribing.

I hope today’s sharing will give you insights and be useful to everyone.

Above is the reposted excerpt from 91APP chairman Steven Ho’s industry insights, published on Facebook.

Let your brand e-commerce grow rapidly

91APP’s mission is to enable big enterprises as well as smaller brands to use high-standard e-commerce systems to grow domestically and to compete overseas. Want to know how to accelerate your brand’s e-commerce growth? Do make an appointment with our business development consultant.

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