Insights from 91APP drove a sales lift in our business. We do believe 91APP play an important role in our sales growth.

Dr Douxi

Comprehensive system and supportive team in advising and guiding on digital marketing as well as increasing our sales.


The variety of marketing mechanisms allow us to set up discounts and promotions easily and grow our customer retention.

Make up forever

91APP helps us execute refreshing promotions to stimulate new orders and to attract and retain customers.


A good kick-start for SMEs company to build their brand with 91APP and it’s definitely worth the investment.


Within months my team had analytics functioning, our social media accounts synced, sales integrated and website running.


We are happy in expanding on to online world. With 91APP’s expertise and knowledge, I believe we can make a success!


How 91APP Helps Retail Brands Go Further

Better Brand Precense

Customer Loyalty is the key to a successful business in retail. Connect with your branded App. Strengthen the connection with your customers through App.

Bond with VIPs via APP

Improve Client’s Stickiness

Instant sign up for membership is the shortcut to customer acquisition. With 91APP’s Member Management Tool, you can turn a visitor into a customer, a regular shopper, then a VIP.

Get, Keep and Grow Your Customers

One Backend for All

91APP’s Onmi Store Management lets you manage Web Store and App at once. Save your time, gain new customers, and maximize the revenue.

Always There for Your Customers

Payment Gateway Ready

Multiple payment methods have already been set up, including credit cards and third-party payment providers. Smoother checkout experience for your customers and a higher conversion rate for your business.

Ready to Get Paid

Comprehensive Marketing Mechanism

We have comprehensive Sales & Promotions Tools to boost your business, from coupons, discounts, add-on specials, freebies, and so much more. Generating sales and collecting data at the same time. It’s a win-win situation.

Sales + Promotions = Endless Orders

Data-Driven Growth

Understanding the performance of your business with just one glance through our Dashboard. Realtime stats and analytics data let you evaluate the campaign and optimized for better.

Tailor the Best Strategy with Integrated Data

True OmniChannel Experiences

Customers are using both online and offline channels according to their situational demands. 91APP gives you the asset to leverage both, bridge the gap and offer both in a more convenient format.

Drive Customers to Your Business

Redefine Shopping Experiences, Both Offline and Online

A holistic approach to customer experience is the key to generating sales. Create personalized and integrated engagements with customers through In-Store Portal. Access customers’ preferences and information quickly across multiple touchpoints.

Get a 360-Degree View of Your Customers

Be more accurate with Customer’s Insights

Strategically planned personalized content to the select audiences is the way to go now. 91APP’s marketing tool allows you to communicate more efficient with time, money, and other resources.

Precise and Effective Communication

Continue to Strive for Excellence

Happy Clients
Annual Sales
OMO Brand Performance Growth
Purchase Frequency and Conversion Rate

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