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Providing a seamless and dev-friendly developer website, making integration and connection no longer a challenge.

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Develop In-House or Outsource Integration

91APP offers dev-friendly resources, enabling brands and retailers evaluating system integration, as well as technical professionals preparing to analyze the integration of the 91APP omnichannel system with other systems, to understand how to proceed with the integration, the appropriate scenarios for it, and the necessary technologies and resources required.

91APP Open API Framework

Assisting stores with automation and integration, supporting the digital upgrade of the retail industry.

Store Module API

91APP offers over 50 API endpoints, enabling stores to access data on products, inventory, orders, and storefronts. This facilitates further integration with internal operations management and automation of workflows.

In-Store Member API

Member information registered on 91APP can be transmitted to the customer’s own Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system or Point of Sale (POS) system. Additionally, offline accumulated spending data can be sent back and displayed on 91APP.

In-Store Points API

You can check store member points, store member points transaction records, and related information such as the calculation of redeemable amounts.

Invoice API

91APP provides invoice-related APIs that allow stores to retrieve data, further integrating the invoice system to independently issue unified invoices.

Membership Level Sync API

91APP offers a membership tier synchronization API, primarily focused on brand membership mechanisms. This allows brands to update the membership levels calculated by their own systems directly into the 91APP system.

Member Verification API

Providing an official website member verification API, if the brand does not have its own member center, it can use 91APP’s official website member data, allowing the brand to utilize 91APP system’s member verification method.

External Member Login API

If a brand has its own login page and wishes to use this existing login page on the 91APP official website, the brand can develop it according to the specifications and provide the relevant settings to 91APP. The official website can then use the brand’s existing login method.


The in-store POS system can integrate with the POS API service to retrieve customer points and discount voucher information from the 91APP system. It also allows the POS system to redeem points and discount vouchers and then send the data back to the 91APP system.