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D2C e-commerce brands have opened ahead of schedule for double 11. In a single day showing, has grown 30x! “Metaverse e-commerce” is the driving force behind a multitude of new business opportunities.

2021-11-08 91APP (stock code: 6741), Taiwan’s first domestic SaaS software service company, announced today that the first wave of Double 11 will open well ahead of schedule. The D2C (Direct to Consumer) e-commerce model for retail brands has been launched. With the assistance of 91APP, the OMO is going to have an indominitable momentum. And the five times coupon revitalization blessing, the good performance was released in the first week, and many brick and mortar retailers performed well. Not only did D2C e-commerce achieve more than 10 million a day, but also brands soared 30 times their daily performance, reaching a new high. With the assistance of 91APP, the overall brand e-commerce Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) increased by 75% when compared with the preceding month. The GMV of e-commerce third-partner also surged by 250% when compared with the preceding month’s performance. Looking to the upcoming Double 11 sales event with its commensurate peak consumer traffic figures, 91APP is completely anticipating a bullish turnout!

91APP was awarded the “Startup Island TAIWAN” prize, the only e-commerce category to win such a national award.

2021-10-19 Taiwan's first retail software cloud service provider 91APP (stock code: 6741) was affirmed by the country and was selected as the NEXT BIG representatives, having been recognized and awarded the " Startup Island TAIWAN 2021". Today, President Tsai Ing-wen attended the award ceremony. This significant honor represents the country's support and attention to the development of new startups and new services. 91APP is not only the only domestic SaaS software company that has been successfully listed on the TPEx, but it is also the only important indicator company that has won national awards among domestic e-commerce platforms, store opening platforms and service providers. President Tsai stated that 91APP allows e-commerce to be used by brick and mortar retailers and solves the pain points of brick and mortar retailers. This is an important and relevant national issue.

Strong alliance with 91APP and Digiwin to accelerate the overall layout of retail OMO

2021-08-17 The epidemic has affected the entire retail industry, and many retail brands are facing the massive challenge of physically stepping on the brakes and developing a system of of e-commerce in answer to the challenges of the Covid 19 epidemic. In order to assist retail companies in accelerating their digital transformation and master the OMO omni-channel layout to achieve operational benefits, 91APP, the country’s first Online-Merge-Offline retail software cloud service provider, and Taiwan’s leading enterprise management software service provider Digiwin, today formally announced a strategic alliance to become a digital retailer. Under the framework of service cooperation, we will integrate the advantageous resources of both parties to jointly assist in the digital transformation of retail brands and create new business opportunities.

91APP recruits talent, announcing “There is NO upper limit to high-level talent!”

2021-07-08 91APP (stock code: 6741), the first SaaS company in Taiwan, held the fist large-scale recruitment events, not only offering an annual salary of NT$2 million, but also providing substantially better employment packages than their peers. This, in response to the fast-growing business needs which have presented themselves since the outbreak of the Covid 19 epidemic. Ho Ying-Chi, the chairman of 91APP, declared, "The demand for high-level talent is unlimited!".

91APP considers performance in the midst of the Covid 19 epidemic! While we are at the third level of alert until the end of June, how can store clerks hope to work from home, while still performing at 80% of ability?

2021-06-08 The current Covid19 epidemic situation in Taiwan is serious. The government has announced that the level three alert will be extended to the end of June, and many normal retail and store operations shall be closed or severely limited. According to statistics, retail rental space and salaries make up for 70% of a shop owner’s expenses. Even without customers physically visiting retailers, employees must still be furnished with their commensurate salaries. This is an unbearable situation, with potentially disastrous losses impacting businesses.

91APP is very excited to announce that the market cap of over NT$20 billion on the first day of listing.

2021-05-25 91APP*-KY (stock code: 6741) has attracted a great deal of attention from the market, showing outstanding results on the first day of its listing. With an offering price of NT$66, 91APP’s stock price instantaneously rose to $145 at its opening and reached a high of NT$181. At the end of its debut, 91APP closed with NT$167, a 153% increase of its original price, with a remarkable market cap of approximately NT$20.1 billion.

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