Asia-Pacific MarTech Transformation Alliance Association (AMT) has released “Taiwan MarTech Landscape 2023,” which has garnered attention from businesses. The first SaaS service company listed in Taiwan, 91APP (Stock code: 6741), has once again been included in the landscape and has been listed under three major categories: “e-Commerce Platforms” and “Membership Marketing and Management” under “Business and Sales,” and “Marketing Cloud” under “Data and Analytics.” In addition to selecting representative companies in the MarTech field, the Taiwan MarTech Landscape provides the best reference index for enterprises to choose from in digital transformation cooperation.

91APP’s unique “Products X Services” model offers two powerful solutions: Commerce Solution and Marketing Solution, which enable brick-and-mortar retailers to quickly enter the D2C e-Commerce market, achieve OMO (Offline-merge-Online) digital transformation, and enhance profitability through omnichannel operational efficiency. In light of the cookieless era, digital marketing is undergoing a significant reshuffle. However, 91APP remains committed to helping brand clients maintain steady traffic growth by leveraging Marketing Solution. This solution enables brands to connect first-party data (CDP, Customer Data Platform) with third-party data (DMP, Data Management Platform), providing panoramic insights to facilitate informed business decisions, accurately target consumers, and improve advertising effectiveness. “The third-party data can be linked to the first-party data to do an in-depth analysis,” Marketing Solution can improve the operational efficiency of brands.