91APP (Stock code: 6741), the first native SaaS company listed in Taiwan, today announced its unaudited consolidated revenue for August 2023. The unaudited consolidated revenue for August 2023 amounted to NT$108 million, an increase of 5.45% compared to the same period last year and establishing a new historical high for this corresponding timeframe. The total revenue from January through August 2023 reached NT$861 million, reflecting a growth of 11.18% in comparison to the same period last year, reaching a new high.

91APP has consistently demonstrated steady growth while remaining committed to corporate governance and sustainability objectives. Impressively, the company achieved a noteworthy ranking of “Top 6-20% among TPEx-listed Companies” in the 9th Corporate Governance Evaluation last year. This year, 91APP has compiled its 2022 Sustainability Report in Chinese and English versions on its own accord, which is now accessible on its official website. In alignment with global corporate sustainability trends, 91APP will continue to deepen its environmental, social, and governance efforts, steadfastly pursuing sustainable progress and delivering maximum value to its stakeholders.

Furthermore, on the operational front, 91APP actively supports its customers’ D2C (Direct-to-Consumer) growth by continuously enhancing the synergy between its “Commerce” and “Marketing” Solutions. Recently, during the Cathay Securities’ 2023Q3 Industry Forum, 91APP unveiled “jooii,” the first native retail AI model in Asia, now officially available on the ChatGPT Plugin. This addition further fortifies the company’s e-Commerce solutions, empowering brand clients to venture into the AI application field. Notably, brand apps play a pivotal role in D2C operations, driving nearly 60% of revenue with 30% of the traffic, and 70% of revenue originates from existing members. 91APP is dedicated to augmenting its distinctive app operational advantages for clients by integrating multifunctionality and merging member management APPs, e-Commerce APPs, and payment APPs, into a unified Super APP. This transformation seamlessly bridges online and offline scenarios, substantially reducing friction in consumer-brand interactions and boosting member retention.

91APP aids its clients in boosting transactions through Commerce Solution, amassing first-party data, conducting comprehensive analysis, and enabling precise advertising targeting by leveraging third-party data through Marketing Solution. This leads to increased traffic, transactions, and the creation of new sales. 91APP will continue to deepen the e-Commerce penetration rates of its clients and bring greater benefits to clients through the synergy of its two significant solutions.