91APP (Stock code: 6741), the first native SaaS company listed in Taiwan, today announced its unaudited consolidated revenue for November 2023. The unaudited consolidated revenue for November 2023 amounted to NT$173 million, an increase of 12.67% year-over-year growth and setting an all-time monthly high. The total revenue from January through November 2023 reached NT$12.6 billion, reflecting a growth of 10.9% in comparison to the same period last year, indicating stable and upward operational momentum.

Despite a measured slowdown in retail e-Commerce growth during the initial half of the year, the latter part experienced a noteworthy uplift, driven by anniversary sales for department stores and the Double 11 festival. Seizing the surge in Offline-Merge-Online (OMO) demand and heightened orders in Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) e-Commerce, 91APP’s stellar performance in November positions the company optimistically for a promising fourth quarter.

The precision of cost-effectiveness of the D2C model came to the forefront during the Double 11 period, accentuated by festive activities. 91APP’s “Commerce Solution” and “Marketing Solution” played pivotal roles in achieving synergies, resulting in impressive sales outcomes. The “Commerce Solution” facilitated seamless D2C e-Commerce transactions, while the “Marketing Solution” delivered precise marketing benefits. Notably, brand clients utilizing 91APP’s personalized marketing mechanism during Double 11 witnessed a more than fourfold increase in GMV(Gross Merchandise Volume) compared to the same period last year. Furthermore, 91APP assisted clients in integrating first-party and third-party data, enabling interest-targeting advertising and achieving over 60% conversion rates for new clients. Beyond driving growth and enhancing efficiency, 91APP provided invaluable support in precise advertising targeting and private traffic management.

Recent statistics indicate that the sales of brick-and-mortar e-Commerce accounted for over 30% of the overall e-Commerce market in Taiwan for the first three quarters of 2023. With the robust trend of D2C development domestically and the active involvement of brick-and-mortar retailers, D2C e-Commerce demonstrated remarkable performance during the Double 11 event. As the penetration rate of e-Commerce continues to rise, 91APP remains committed to deepening its one-stop D2C services, assisting more mid-to-large retail brands in boosting their performance. The company is poised to drive growth, maintaining a steady upward trajectory in its operations.