91APP (Stock code: 6741), the first native SaaS company listed in Taiwan, officially launched its latest retail AI service, “jooii” (Joint Omni-channel-Oriented Insightful Intelligence), at the “D2C X AI Summit Taiwan 2023.” The company also announced the latest updates to its ” Commerce” and “Marketing” solutions. jooii, developed by 91APP through advanced Retail AI technology, is a unique retail artificial intelligence model that supports the two solutions, empowering retail businesses to quickly embrace AI applications and leverage them for their operations.

“jooii” Marks the Dawn of a New Era in Retail AI

“jooii”, integrates various AI technologies, including natural language processing (NLP), machine learning (ML), and data analysis. By extracting valuable information from vast amounts of data, it provides intelligent recommendations and decision-making assistance to enhance the operational efficiency of clients.

According to Happy Lee, Chief Product Officer at 91APP, the company’s product development team swiftly adjusted its annual product strategy in response to the rise of generative AI. In March, 91APP launched “One-Click Copywriting,” which uses AI to quickly generate product descriptions and personalized marketing content. In May, it introduced “One-Click Insights” to help clients quickly grasp data conclusions and reports. In the future, 91APP plans to incorporate product recommendations, automated advertising, virtual shop assistants, and more, to adapt to the changing diverse retail scenarios. jooii will also play a significant role in the development of these products and will open APIs for collaboration with partners to expand application scenarios and meet the demands of different retail markets.

Upgraded Commerce Solution to Tackle Changing Scenarios

With the increasing D2C (Direct-to-Consumer) trend and market demand, 91APP, as a digital arsenal for retailers, provides two major solutions: Commerce and Marketing. These solutions shape the growth flywheel of retail, drive customer performance, and create tremendous synergies. Commerce Solution provides a robust business engine that offers comprehensive services for the brand’s omnichannel operations. It integrates various stages of retail services, achieving a seamless integration of people, places, and products. This year, it further enhances the four stages of display, sales, checkout, and fulfillment, to serve the complete retail supply chain.

Happy emphasized that the current shopping scene goes beyond the online or offline separation. Various sales formats and methods, such as influencers, group buying, store clerks, and even chatbots, can directly lead to shopping cart links, representing new shopping scenarios. To adapt to these changes, 91APP modularized and flexibility the purchase process modules on brand e-Commerce websites, such as product pages, shopping carts, and promotion vouchers. This approach caters to the technological needs of different scenarios, making it easier and simpler for consumers to purchase.

In terms of the integration of “products”, 91APP introduced a new client fulfillment/inventory management system called “IMS” (Inventory Management System) to enable smooth supply chain flow across all channels. For channel-oriented brand clients, the IMS module allows suppliers to self-onboard and deliver products. For brand-oriented clients, it offers synchronization of inventory across various shopping platforms such as official websites, apps, and mainstream B2C e-Commerce platforms, facilitating multi-platform fulfillment and addressing distribution challenges.

Additionally, 91APP plans to launch the “Member Wallet” in the second half of the year. Happy highlighted the Member Wallet as a crucial concept that supports digital transformation for brick-and-mortar retailers. By integrating the Member Wallet into the brand’s APP, it combines functionalities such as payments, member identification, point accumulation, discount coupons, e-invoices, and ticketing. This integration strengthens the APP as a vital tool for managing loyal customers and will become a key component of the next-generation CRM.

Marketing Solution: Enabling the Application of Third-Party Data to First-Party Data

The 91APP’s Marketing Solution features two main characteristics: “Omni-channel data governance and application” and “Third-party data – external partnership tags.” Through the Commerce Solution, 91APP collects comprehensive first-party data, including members’ OMO (Offline-Merge-Online) transaction data (CRM) and visitors’ OMO behavioral data (CDP). Collaborating with diverse data partners, the solution introduces off-site behavioral profiles to supplement third-party data (DMP). By automatically tagging third-party audience databases, it helps clients integrate visitor/member behavior outside the website, filling in data gaps. This approach significantly improves advertising effectiveness and returns, driving overall sales cycles.

e-Commerce (transaction) and digital marketing (traffic) are the two major tracks of Internet development. 91APP assists clients by providing a Marketing Solution that establishes a dedicated data middle platform for brands. With data application at the core, it attracts traffic through virtual and physical channels, generating new business results. Furthermore, 91APP actively helps brands connect with major media platforms to address the challenges of the Cookieless era.